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A program to increase your vitality, health, beauty and ability to accept yourself and experience your own body

“To truly love oneself is one of the basic prerequisites for a woman's happy life. The fastest way I know to achieve this is with one’s body. A conscious and loving touch really does miracles here. I invite you to participate in the Love yourself = love your body program at ARKAYA® Prague.”

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® 

Do you want to appreciate yourself more?

Do you want to be able to accept your body?

Do you want to perceive more love, more fulfilment, happiness and joy?

Do you feel that you could experience more in your life?

Sign up for the non-intimate Love yourself = love your body massage program for women. You will develop your body’s ability to open up to love, happiness and beauty through the loving touch of the best masseuses and masseurs.

“A conscious loving touch has miraculous effects. It awakens the life force, love and joy. It is also one of the most powerful tools for accepting one’s self and own body. During my more than then years in practise, I have witnessed how a conscious loving touch literally changed the lives of many hundreds of people.”

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® Prague

What the women who have experienced the program say:

“Thanks to your massage, many things really changed in my life ... even with regard to the physical and overall inner feeling and acceptance of my body and sexuality, etc. ... I just would like to thank you very much!”
“Thank you very much for the touch, the tenderness, the kindness ... I was able to let go of what was oppressing me. Thank you!”
“I am speechless. It was amazing. For a while, it has taken me back to the place where I feel good, where I feel at home. I felt like a little girl again. Thanks a lot!”

Experience the effects of a conscious loving touch from the hands of our top masseuses or masseurs.

The program consists of three sessions composed of non-intimate massages of your choice.

You can try the “Art of Touch” and “Open Your Heart” massages.

For each session, you can choose a masseur or a masseuse whom you like and trust.

Price list



3 sessions
1,5 hour each

Standard price:  CZK 10,980
Discounted price:
CZK 8,880 / €370



3 sessions
2 hour each

Standard price:  CZK 14,640
Discounted price:
CZK 10,880 / €490

Fall in love with yourself and your body!

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