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ARKAYA® for women

To be happy, radiant and attractive is the dream of perhaps every woman. The fastest way that I know leads through the body. Conscious and loving touch truly works miracles. I invite you to visit ARKAYA® Prague.”  

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® Prague

Massages and programs for women

Holistic Sensual Massages

Happy, shining and amazingly attractive even after one massage.

Vaginal Mapping and Further Healing

„I breathe, I shine, I live.“  Kateřina

Courses and Trainings

Visit our seminars or learn individually through our custom-tailored courses.

Our client’s experience:

„The massage was amazing. Finally I could feel like myself, I could experience all my emotions and accept myself right as I am. Thank you for every single moment, I feel full of energy, accepted and beloved.“ 


„After delivery I was afraid to make love with my partner. After a couple of sessions of vaginal mapping I started to feel desire to make love again and mainly thanks to the healing we enjoy painless loving again and even better than ever before.“