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Pelvic-floor mapping program

“I underwent a series of vaginal and anal mappings. During the whole time, I felt the presence of the masseuse and safety, which allowed me to relax deeply and perceive my body. Something new was discovered during each session. Treatment and healing of traumas associated with the pelvic floor gradually occurred.”


Experience a truly deep method of relaxing the body and mind.
Awaken the life energy inside yourself.
Open your heart.

Experience the Sacred Touch pelvic-floor mapping programme.

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA®

The program will bring into your life:

  • Deep relaxation of the body and mind.
  • Relief of stress, fear and frozen emotions.
  • Mood enhancement.
  • Discovery of new areas of pleasure.
  • Enhancement of experience – you will enjoy stronger orgasms and support the multiple-orgasm experience.
  • Opening of your heart.
  • Awakening of the life force within yourself.
  • Better connection to your intuition.
  • Firmer anchoring within your life and internal certainty and joy.

Sacred Touch

Three 2-hour sessions

The total price of the program is CZK 14,640.
In connection with the introduction of this new program, we are temporarily providing a 20% discount.
The discounted price is CZK 11,880 / €550.

You can work with a masseuse or masseur of your choice.

FREE Bonuses:

  • Voucher in the value of CZK 1,000 for a ten-day CORE TOUCH® Transformation training
  • Voucher in the value of CZK 1,000 for a three-hour Royal Holistic Sensual Massage

Awaken the life force within yourself!

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