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The experience of holistic sensual massage is deep and unique. Experiencing it in the presence of someone you love gives this caring and beneficial massage a new dimension in the enjoyment of intimacy, which you bring into your lives and which enriches you in the long term.”

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® Prague

“Thank you for yesterday’s beautiful afternoon. Yesterday evening and this morning, my wife and I drew from the knowledge we gained from you. I feel that our lovemaking has advanced to the ‘next level’.”

Jirka and Lenka

For loving married couples, lovers and friends.

Holistic sensual massage for couples who want to discover themselves and each other.

For couples and friends who want to dedicate an unforgettable experience to each other in the same room or separately.

The shared experience of holistic sensual massage is unique and deep. A beautiful ritual for couples who want to give their sexuality a new, intense impetus.

This ritual deepens your sensuality and ability to feel pleasure.

Rediscover your body and its potential for experiencing pleasure in the area of love, feeling, sexuality and sensuality.

Holistic sensual massage is everything that you have wished for.

Enjoying this experience in the presence of your loved one gives this caring and delightful massage a new dimension in experiencing intimacy, which you can incorporate into your lives, enriching you over the long term. You will leave fully relaxed, infused with love, care, energy and joy.

You can choose any of the offered massages. With or without intimate massage. With two masseuses or with a masseuse and a masseur. In the same room or in separate rooms.   


Awaken your life force and vitality thanks to the this highly developed ritual and loving touch.


300 min.

Our longest massage for real gourmets. Massage ritual for the most demanding. Out greatest speciality.

300 minutes of tender touches and attention will bring you to new levels of experience. Joy in your body and consciousness may open up mystical levels of experiencing reality for you.

300 minutes – CZK 23,980 / €1,080


120 minutes

Discover the magic of Holistic Sensual Massage, which will awaken and deepen your sensuality and perception. Love filled touch will fulfill your body with pleasure. In this massage you will receive an exceptional care, which includes touch by hot towels, fur gloves, feathers and so much more. 

120 minutes – CZK 9,680 / €440


180 min. - DOPORUČUJEME!

Royal massage gives couples enought time for beautiful experience. The favorite massage of our clients. 

Experience real deep Holistic Sensual Massage. From the client`s experience we know that magic transformative power massage which leads us to totally new levels of experiencing joy and consciousness, is most apparent in massages around 3 hours and longer.

180 minutes – CZK 14,380 / €660


90 minutes

Basic version of Holistic Sensual Massage (includes intimate massage). Experience joy and pleasure.

90 minutes – CZK 7,180 / €330


Loving care for couples without intimate massage. 
Experience this wonderful ritual.

 The Art of Touch – 90 minutes – CZK 5,980 / €280

 The Art of Touch – 120 minutes – CZK 7,980 / €360

You can now use the sauna free of change with massages of three hours or longer!
If you are interested in using the sauna, please tell us in advance when making your appointment.

Private sauna

You can now enhance your massage with a sauna with (or without) fragrant herbal infusions. Warm and relax your body before or after your massage.

30 min pro 1-2 osoby - 680 Kč

60 min pro 1-2 osoby - 980 Kč

Towel rental is included in the price of the private sauna.

Do you want to give your relationship a new impetus?

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Experience more love and fulfilment in your relationship.

The program suits you as a couple if you want to further improve your already satisfactory intimate life and learn something new.

Happy Relationship

Create a wonderful relationship thanks to loving mindful touch.