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„Tantra has taught me how to accept every person as a wonderful divine being. I don´t care how people look like, but I try to sense what their needs are. After our mutual tuning, I start the massage and intuitively follow the needs so that everybody could leave satisfied and full of what was missing or what could help them to burst with beauty and happiness.

Míra about the massage:

Since my childhood, I have sensed astonishing heat in my hands. I think I have never needed gloves in winter. I couldn´t understand why. Some 10 years ago, I with my partner started to work with energy, especially with tantra. And this has really changed my life. Now I can accept this gift of mine, and whenever I put my hands on the person I am giving a massage to, I am amazed how much energy, heat and love can pass through my hands. I often hear, “Your hands are so warm.” And I reply to it, “Just enjoy.”

I also realize how little we experience touch, especially the loving one, in our ordinary lives. In fact, this is what our bodies subconsciously long for. But can we accept the loving touch? My answer is “Yes” - on the condition that we are fully relaxed and accepting. And this is where my massages are aimed. To unwind everyone, then to make their energy circulate and let them feel reconciled, full of happiness and love for themselves.

„If you want to experience something similar, if you hunger for relaxation, if you lack touches or something weighs you down I will be pleased to welcome you here and share my love for life with you.“

Yours faithfully

What do clients say about Míra:

Dear Míra and Stáňa, I would like to share my reaction to a massage for couples from yesterday. It was AWESOME. The gift I was given was truly princely, something I have never dreamt about. I have no millstone around my neck any more, a millstone that I have always accepted as a part of me. Now I just don´t have it, really … I have been checking it since the morning. I can say that I am as light as a butterfly because the relief has been so huge. A very big thank you to both of you.
Dear Míra, I felt wonderfully during the massage. It was a wonderful experience. Our energies interlinked. I have never been given an intimate massage by a man like this and I have to say that it was very pleasant and beautiful. I am sure we will see each other at another massage.
I would like to thank you for the unusual experience of yesterday. It's terribly difficult to describe how I felt. Actually, the thing that comes to my mind how to describe the feeling is divine as a queen. I would have much more to write but I have no words. Thank you for the beautiful snowy Sunday.

„Rád vás provedu i partnerskou masáží, kdy můžete procítit vzájemné naladění a jako přijímající se ponořit do hloubky bezpečí partnerského vztahu.“

My education and training courses:

  • School of Holistic Sensual (tantric) massage – Denisa Říha Palečková a Richard Vojík
  • Kashmiri tantra massage - Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Essence)
  • Taoistic erotic massage - Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Essence)
  • Soulmate training – 4-year-long tantra training for couples – Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Essence)
  • Reflexology courses
  • Certified training in sports and relaxing massages
  • Conscious BDSM - Jana Goetzová
  • School of making love - Kateřina a Honza Komedovi
  • Art of massage of intimate areas and vaginal mapping- Kateřina a Honza Komedovi

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