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Quickly and permanently heal your scars through massage

“I breathe, shine, live.”


"Even after a wound heals following an injury, childbirth, surgery or self-harm, we continue to be reminded of it because of the remaining scar, which can continue to be painful or numb.

Scars significantly dampen the flow of our energy in the body and influence our physical and mental condition. If scars are in intimate areas of the body, that can also fundamentally disrupt one’s intimate life. Due to scars from appendix surgery, we can experience chronical back pain or headache.

By working with scars, we can restore the flow of energy in the body and surprisingly increase the level of vitality and joy in your life."

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® 

“For me, the scare left by the episiotomy during childbirth was simply ugly. I knew that it is was there and how it got there, and that there was nothing I could do about it. It was an overlooked part of my body, which I didn’t pay any attention to.

Time passed and fate brought me a new partner. David is very perceptive and sensitive. He knows how to work with the vaginal mapping technique and in one of our intimate moments, his hands began to explore my scar.

A hurricane of emotions… That best describes the feelings that played out in my body when David began to work with my scare. The physical pain, which alternated with mental pain…I am not spiritual, but I would swear that at that moment I again consciously lived through the pain that I felt in the operating room; it turned my stomach…I tried to breathe as much as possible. To breathe out my scar and send the pain of it away. And suddenly there was peace. In the scar, the place which until recently I had taken as an unpleasant reminder of a difficult event, a pleasant warmth arose. I do not know how to properly express it…but I feel that it is again part of my body. A complete part.”


What does healing scar tissue involve?

In the course of healing scar tissue, we use pressure massage of the damaged skin, thus helping to improve the scar on the physical side. Healing also takes place at the subconscious level – together with touch and the notional “reopening” of the old wound, our mind is cleansed of fear, numbness and primarily the pain caused by the scar. We can heal external and internal scars.

If a scare is located in an intimate part of a woman’s body, we sometimes combine vaginal mapping and scar treatment in a single session. For example, an episiotomy, which is a relatively common surgical procedure during childbirth, has an impact also on the internal area of the vagina and its sensitivity. Using the aforementioned methods, sensitivity in the intimate area and the whole body is restored and often expanded. The woman can thus rid herself of any pain or diminished sensitivity and develop her capacity for joy, vitality and pleasure. Both methods – healing of scar tissue and vaginal mapping – help women and men use sexuality as a tool for healing and enhancing all areas of life.

What kind of changes will I feel in my life thanks to working with scars? Can the treatment somehow extend to my life?

Like every method in which we work with the body, healing scar tissue has a deep impact on our personal life. It helps us to respect and love our physical body and to accept it as it is. On the emotional level, it brings about a so-called “limbic imprint” – our basic life settings, which influence our experience in all areas of life – in how we are able to savour joy and in how we are able to cope with pain.


Work with external and internal scars 

  • above vital organs,
  • after childbirth and surgical procedures,
  • hard, that cause unpleasant tension of the skin,
  • that arose as a result of a highly traumatic event – e.g. self-harm,
  • external of a smaller character, scars on limbs, etc.

Length and number of the healing sessions is discussed individually after consultation with our massage therapist, depending on the size, extent and location of the scar.

1-hour sessions: CZK 2,380 / €110

Heal your scars!

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