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„Under every touch I feel so much love and understanding which every person needs to be filled up with. Unfulfilled needs accumulate in us from our birth and later they are accompanied by psychological problems and illnesses. A touch is accompanies us from the cradle to the grave. After a person is filled up with it, miracles can start happening.“

Stáňa about the massage:

I see my mission to move humanity towards higher principles in its experiences and thinking. Wonderful means to this communication is a work with the human body. Under each touch there hides so much love and understanding so much needed to nourish every being. We collect unsatisfied feelings and needs from the very birth and those are followed by mental health problems and illnesses. Touch is something that accompanies us from the cradle to the grave. Just when one’s needs are met, miracles can start to happen.

About ten years ago I became interested in the invisible world of energies. My desire to understand it led me to a training of Self-healing with one’s own energy. With this mechanism I work till today and I see that as people strive to be initiated in various forms of energies, my organism is able to tune into deep connection to a concrete being and mix the healing cocktail exactly needed, which then carries us on for the entire massage. These experiences led me to the tantric teachings as Tantra is the highest form of energy.

After attending lot of great courses led by Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík, me and my partner wanted to grow further in these energies. We felt, how our bodies are an endless well of energy and in what energetic straitjacket we live. We started a long path of four years of partner tantric training with Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita. It was the most precious gift we could give each other. We practiced ca 500 hours of love encounters in meditation, where we both peeled off our ego, which was hindering us to meet each other in pure love and respect. We kept connecting the divine with the animal-like in each of us. We managed to accept and embrace all our dark (suppressed) parts and so that we discovered our biggest gifts. 

Because we lived out all our traumas in a condensed density and thoroughly examined our own sexuality, we are now able to feel with love and respect to everybody, in which phase is your sexuality, your relationship and your health. We can help you to entangle the problems, which every person experiences. 

We will be happy to guide you also through a partner massage, where you can feel the mutual tuning and when receiving, dive into the depth and safety of a partnership. A person who is ready can expect even magical experience during the massage. I will be honoured to share them with you .... “

With love and respect,

What do clients say about Stáňa:

I would love to thank you Stáňa for a beautiful experience and for widening my horizons, for gentle leading through the tantric massage. This thank you should also be an inspiration for everyone, who just like me, thought, that to experience very long orgasms in the whole body is a thing unreachable for a normal person. It is not true. Stáňa guided me gently and with ease through the Big move and I only watched with awe my own ebergy flowing through my whole body, without any craving for the "classic" orgasm, but with a greater longing to enjoy the strength in my arms, chest and legs. Through my breathing I controlled the magical waves of energy and Stáňa always knew perfectly what I need in each moment. If someone told me before that one of my best orgasms will be in my chest and arms, magnified by a pressure on my palms of a guide.masseuse, I would not believe that. And that the full pleasure just dances on the tip of your fingers? Today I can say with gratitude and joy that thanks to Stáňa it is a reality to me, from which I gain even days after and I will doubtlessly do that even in the far away future. The awaken energy has opened another dimension into my private life and self-healing. But it is difficult to describe. It is better if everyone experiences it on their own…Thank you a lot.
Jiří K.
It was a beautiful experience. I felt very at ease with Stáňa from the very beginning of the massage. I let everything go and allowed myself to receive and be fully present with her amazing touch. Sometimes I was lost in space and sometimes I felt a growth of great vibrating energy. I truly recommend this.
Within 5 minutes my initial worries and nervousness were gone. In 2 hours a different person was leaving the room than the one who came. Great and very deep experience. Thank you Stáňa. With respect.
I would love to thank you for this unforgettable visit. Stáňa was fantastic. She was very nice, compassionate, professional. She really loves what she does...
John Holloway
Great experience, amazing energy – I will remember that for a very long time...
Thank you for a great and strong experience.
...Once again we would like to thank you and Sylva for a great Sunday experience 🙂 We were both excited. Have a good day and see you sometime again, including the Big move for us both 🙂
Mirka a Jirka
Thank you for the great morning yesterday, Stáňa and Peter were amazing. Yesterday evening and this morning we were using the knowledge we gained from you yesterday. I feel our love making made it into a “higher level”...
Jirka a Lenka
Dear Stáňa, I would like to share my story with you, which led me to our meeting. I feel that finally, in the last year, I started a journey of deep inner change. The impulse for it was nothing smaller than break up of my marriage and partnership after 15 years with 4 children. My beautiful wife was so far ahead of me in her spiritual development that even when I tried to be the best partner, I did not know that something was happening and I did not know what was happening. Now I know that it was caused above all by the fact that I was not able to see the female and male polarity and see the beauty of life in it. And even when the whole time I tried to have a fulfilled partnership, I did not know what it is and what you need for it. Just my intuition always drove me forward but unfortunately my intense efforts just deepened the wounds of my wife. ..Finally the strong impulse made me to start the journey of getting to know myself so that I can become a real and conscious man. On this journey I also met you. It was so far one of the very strong moments on my journey. Until I met you I never imagined that I will be able to open myself like this and start to perceive sexuality in this open way, with respect and love. During the first massage I found out, how many barriers concerning my body and sexuality I have in myself. Almost immediately I decided to go through the “Gladiator” training. And a most intensive month in my personal development was started. In every meeting and during every massage, I was getting closer to myself thanks to you. My heart started opening and I experienced how safe and beautiful it is. It was very liberating and invigorating at the same time to see that I can work with my energy. I experienced a flow of my energy, felt the flow of your energy and the joint connection. Now I feel myself and my energy clearly, I am not afraid of it, every day I am aware of it and I work with it. In the same way I feel the energy of other people and approach them with huge respect and esteem. My story so far does not have a happy end in my relationship – this month me and my wife are divorcing. But it is a happy end for me and my relationship to myself. I am discovering myself, my visions, desires, gifts, my missions and I find a real inner happiness. I am grateful for this lesson and I am grateful to my wife for this impulse, which woke me up, and I am grateful to all my guides who accompany me on this journey. I am grateful to myself that I have started this journey. Stáňa, thank you that you guided me through the valley of my fears and barriers and that you brought me back home – to myself – you opened a door to getting to know my dark sides and my gifts. The journey is not at the end. I am still walking step by step and I am looking forward to the places my feet will take me to. I wish you good days and I am looking forward to seeing you again.
Just had the chance to meet Stàna few days ago, she introduced me to the Tantra universe which was a completely unknown world to me. Stàna was very professional, she immediately understood my doubts as result of my lack of knowledge so carefully accompanied me step by step. For some moments I had the feeling to be melted with Stàna soul and energy...
Dear Stana, I'm now back in Norway after my trip to Prague, and I want to send you an email to thank you for the massage you gave me. Before I came, I thought that 3 hours might be too long, but it definitely wasn't! It was such an incredible experience that it's almost hard to believe that it actually happened! They way you mixed gentle and intense parts took me on a roller-coaster of excitement, and I left with a happy feeling that stayed with me for several days! I'm definitely coming back to see you next time I'm in Prague! I'm looking forward to it already! Best regards,

My education and training courses:

  • Josef Červienka - subliminal specialist and his "Selfhealing through your own energy" school

  • School of Holistic Sensual (tantric) massage - Denisa Říha Palečková a Richard Vojík

  • Kashmiri tantra massage - Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Essence)

  • Taoistic erotic massage - Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Essence)

  • Soulmate training – 4-year-long tantra training for couples – (Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita – Tantra Essence)

  • Reflexology courses

  • Certified training in sports and relaxing massages

  • Conscious BDSM - (Jana Goetzová)

  • Art of Lovemaking School - (Kateřina a Honza Komedovi)

  • Art of massage of intimate areas and vaginal mapping - (Kateřina a Honza Komedovi)

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