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Do you feel that your sexual life is not exactly like you imagined it would be?
Do you have problems with premature ejaculation?
Would you like to last longer and just go for it?
Do you want to be a lover women longs for and who can satisfy them?

Enjoy your intimate life again!

Imagine a woman surrendering to you while making love.
She is full of desire. Her body trembles in ecstasy. She moans and quivers with delight.
Her breath is deep.
She is looking at you with eyes full of tears of devotion and pleasure.

Imagine that you are a man who can fully satisfy each and every woman.


“Ninety percent of men can start enjoying their intimate life again after a few visits to our studio.” 

Denisa Říha Palečková, founder of ARKAYA®

"We had a nice relationship, but when it came to sex, I was afraid I would not last long enough or would come too fast.

So, I started to avoid making love. My partner was frustrated.

Then we discovered the Complete Man program at the ARKAYA® Prague. After a few visits, our intimate life has completely changed. Not only did I start enjoying sex again, but it became a really fulfilling experience for me.

Now we are enjoying our lives again.

Thank you very much."


Yes, we can help you enjoy your intimate life again after only a few visits.

Moreover, it is possible by using only your body and a massage full of joy.

You can participate by yourself or together with your partner.

The price for three 120-minute sessions is CZK 11,880 / €550.

What will you learn?

  • How to become a perfect partner the woman desires.
  • How to endure longer and resolve premature ejaculation.
  • How to prolong erection.
  • Principles of slow sex, so-called soft penetration.

Enjoy your intimate life again!

Book your individual session by telephone: +420 775 108 888
e-mail: or online:

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Many men and couples are bothered by PREMATURE EJACULATION.

I'll show you some options for how to deal with it in an easy way.
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