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“Through conscious touch, we can enter the presence. And the presence is the gateway to eternity.”

Ika about the massage:

For me, Tantra is a path to entireness. It is the acceptance of all levels of our being. Some people like to enjoy tantric massage as a way to relax and enjoy pleasure. However, I am interested in the potential of our body and our sexuality, which can lead us to the deepest silence and peace, to the highest Samadhi, to our only essence. If this is the path that attracts you too, I will be happy to accompany you on it, regardless of whether you are woman or man.

“Are you ready to discover and explore your source of vitality, joy and pleasure?”

What do clients say about Ika:

Mám se strašně skvěle. Nevím jak to popsat: jakoby se mi odlehčilo v celým životě. Nikdy jsem tohle nezažila. Už se těším na pokračování. Děkuju!
Martina (vaginální mapování)

My education and training courses:

  • Training For Life – 3-year training (Komala a Khushru)
  • Empowered Woman Teacher Training – 2-year Tantra teacher training for women (Ma Ananda Sarita)

  • Craniosacral biodynamics - 2-year training (Abha Sajwel) 

  • Dancing Heart Path Facilitator Training - 2-year training (Guy Barrinton)

  • The art of living, the art of dying (Komala de Amorim)

  • Transitions - working with one's own birth, work with trauma (Julian Gustavson)

  • Dance, Tantra and Sufi practice for women – 7-day training (Zola Dubnikova)

  • Women who see in the dark – a 7-day tantric-shamanic intensive training for women (Komala Lyra)

  • Awakened femininity - one-year tantric training for women (Komala de Amorim)

  • Sexual, spiritual and shamanic initiation I. and II. - ISTA School of Temple Arts (30 days teaching and assistance)

  • Sexological Bodywork – certified training (Joseph Krammer, Denisa a Richard)

  • Conscious Sensuality - 6-day training (Robert Silber)

  • Tantric Body De-Armoring pro ženy I. a II. (Andrew Barnes) – asistence

  • Full Body Energetic Orgasm (Andrew Barnes) – účast a asistování 2x

  • Tantric Body De-Armoring (Andrew Barnes) – účast a asistování 8x

  • Modern Kurandera - a woman in her strength (Lucie Chaya)

  • Wheel of Life – one-year training for women (Cinzia Donolli)

  • Rekvalifikační kurz masáže (Dexter Academy)

  • Body, Heart and Soul I. (Alan Lowen)

  • Škola celostní smyslné masáže (Denisa & Richard) – účastník a poté asistent

  • Vaginální mapování (Denisa & Richard)

  • Reiki I., II. and extended Level II. (Vladimír Bláha)

  • Pulse Diagnostics, Yoga and Mysticism (Dušan Tomek)

  • Shiatsu a Shintai (Jan Pletánek)

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