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"My vision is to share joy. Joy of life, the present moment, relaxation. I believe that this precise desire to share joy is what brings clients to me.”

Bára about the massage:

I am a woman who loves life. I like to discover people and their beauty, harmony and uniqueness. I try to understand without words. My vision is to share joy. Joy of life, present moment, relaxation. I believe that this precise desire to share joy is what brings clients to me.

We all have our own personal story, our own setting and a lens through which we perceive the world around us. Yet each of us can feel happiness.

What does it mean to be happy? For some it means being rich and being able to buy everything they want, for others it means happy family life or success at work. For me, it is a permanent inner satisfaction. If I'm not happy, how can I want those around me to be happy??? If a person is satisfied, you can see it from his attitude, from his emanation, he shows it with his actions, his relationships...

There is nothing more important in life than our inner psychological balance and satisfaction. And how to do that? It is important to know what you want, what you need and, above all, to be able to fulfill those needs.

Life is a wonderful game, so start playing!

I am looking forward to our meeting,

... Finally, allow me to go back in time a bit and to thank you again for your wonderful care, for your touch, especially for the one with which you reached my heart. I am searching in vain for words strong enough to express how incredibly healing the time spent with each of you was for me. When I came to my first massage, I was empty. I was fully aware of the fact, that if I didn't do anything, autumn would come. The kind of autumn that I experience regularly, sometimes even throughout the year. Cold and damp, depressing, dark. Endless days or months when you would rather not exist. And because I have already experienced many of these autumns in my life and I knew very well how terribly it hurts not only me, but also those around me, I decided that another one simply must not come. There would be nothing surprising about that. I have already made such decision countless times. However, this time I told myself that I would not go through it alone. How it went on, you both know very well. That's why I want to thank you once again. Thank you for your love, which you always manage to flood me with. Thank you for your tenderness with which you spoil me. Thank you for your passion, which you give me as much as I can handle. Thank you for your proximity and for the gift of knowing that once I am with you, I am definitely not alone. Thanks,
Hello, I would like to thank you and especially Bara very, very, very much for the wonderful experience that I still feel a few days after the Royal massage. Although this was my first experience with Tantric massage, thanks to Bára's approach, I was able to completely relax, put aside my prejudices, and with confidence fully surrender to her power. The energy that radiated from Bára is indescribable in words, it was as if it filled the entire space, steered my life energy and pulled me into the present moment, and I emotionally perceived the incredibly wonderful feeling of "here and now". A few days after the massage, while I am writing this feedback, I still am feeling greater inner harmony and strength, I am more aware of the present moment and as if the "law of attraction" has accelerated. Everything goes easily and by itself. Bára, I am looking forward to our next reunion to be happening soon and I wish you and the entire Tantra Spa team a peaceful, relaxing and merry Christmas full of positive energy, satisfaction and love.
František Šefl
Thank you Bára for the wonderful massage. Most of the time my whole body was vibrating. They were the nicest touches in my life, even in intimate places.
It has been a while since I was a young boy, but what I experienced with Bara today was the first time in my life…

What do clients say about Bára:

Hello, a bit delayed I would like to thank Bára for introducing me to the world of Tantra. I was quite nervous before the first experience, but the environment and the subsequent conversation with Bára before the massage calmed me down enough. From then on, I could enjoy the massage from the first moment and experience everything new that appeared. Bára was very nice and sensitive and I was very happy to surrender to her pleasant touch. I really enjoyed the whole thing and left as a new person. I can only recommend Bára, I shall definitely come again in the future.
Martin S.
Hello, I had a massage at your place and I was very satisfied! On the one hand, with a beautiful environment and also with the very excellent care and massage of the masseuse Bára. I will definitely come back to you and this masseuse again. Thanks again.
Hello. I would like to briefly thank you for the pleasant moments in the presence of Miss Bára during Friday's massage and send her the promised message: I thought for a long time about what to write, because it was a really intense and unforgettable experience. I can feel the energy from it until now. Never in my past has the effect of a tantric massage lasted as long as it did now, for which I would like to thank you. I definitely already know now that I will be very happy to come again and we can analyze my feelings in detail in retrospect. Thank you again, have a nice day.
Hello Tantra Spa team, my wife Ivana and I were at your place at the end of May to enjoy a Tantra massage voucher for two and we both left with a feeling of a change. I would like to thank Bára again for a wonderful meeting with a pure soul, for her sincerity and commitment - that feeling remains in me for a long time and I hope it will never disappear. I'll be happy to come again. :o) Thanks again, Bára!
Hello, I only had a short 90-minute massage in your wonderful Spa. The universe wanted Bára to be my guide. Despite the fact that I came to the massage with a concrete idea of what I probably needed, after the initial conversation with Bára, I was captivated by her energy and I knew that I had to surrender myself completely to her and I left the course of the massage entirely to her intuition. It was the best decision I could have made. The massage was a transformative experience for me. I felt as if the desires of my subconscious were fulfilled within milliseconds and my being was pampered in a way unknown until then. Despite the state in which I arrived for the massage, after the massage I left fully charged with energy, in a good mood and in full strength. I am sending Bára a sincere THANK YOU and I bow with humility and devotion to her amazing abilities! It was an experience on the borders of reality, I will remember it for a very long time. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Bára!
Hello, I just wanted to quickly let you know that I had my first massage with Bára yesterday and it was very, very satisfactory. I felt great after the massage, but that probably won't surprise you :-). What surprised me was how natural I felt during the massage with a woman I don't actually know at all. And I think that is quite enough for the beginning :-). You can probably imagine what a turning point this is for a relatively shy guy. I'm taking it as the first lesson and I'm curious about the next ones... I'll definitely call you soon to arrange another massage, I understood that 2 hours are really necessary :-). Thank you and have a wonderful day
Dear Bára, with Tantra you have opened a door to a new world for me, which I will never close again. With your sensitiveness and touch, you showed me how powerful the experience of pleasure can be. You have all my admiration for everything you taught me and I want to thank you for the wonderful sensual experience. I am very much looking forward to the next meeting.
Hello, Bára, thank you once again for our meeting on Sunday. I didn't expect that we would get so far right at the first meeting and that it is even possible to get further in my case. You asked me to send you feedback after the ritual. On Sunday there was no unusual reaction except fatigue, but on Monday I was very tired (like after exercising) and in the evening I felt sad. However, I am not having a very happy time, 2018 was very negative for me in terms of relationships, so my moodiness might have also come from that. Thank you very much for the support you showed during my weak moment, I had no idea how much I needed it. There is still a lot I have to think about and work on. I wish you a merry Christmas, a great start to the new year 2019 and thank you once again for a very interesting experience. I am looking forward to our next meeting in January!
Petra Cabadajová
It was amazing, wonderful with Bara. Thank you, have a great evening. I will be back for 2 hours soon.

My education and training courses:

  • Trauma treatment, Institute of Psychosomatic Relations

  • Core Touch I, Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík

  • Therapeutic work with touch, Květa Palusková

  • Professional course of tantric massages using the Inner Wave technique, Michaela L. Torstenová

  • Pregnancy massage, Miroslav Málek

  • Massage with lava stones, Dexter academy

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