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“I love life, I love physical, mental and spiritual experiences. During holistic sensual massages all of this perfectly connects.”

Monika about the massage:

For me, a conscious touch in full presence is one of the most beautiful things in life. Just as much as I like to be touched, I like to touch someone else. During the massages I let myself be guided by my intuition. After connecting to the client, our bodies start to communicate together at some higher level and a perfect harmony evolves.

“Come to relax, bring yourself to a present moment and enjoy your body fully. There is so much our bodies can teach us.”

I was able to accept myself through conscious bodywork. This is what I try to convey to my clients during massages. For me, sexual energy is a completely natural part of life, its driving force.

It is not easy to realize that through touch we can open a door to areas that have remained closed to us in our lives and that we can change what we thought could not be changed. I am very grateful to all those who support and accompany me on my journey, and I would very much like to pass on my experience.

"I believe, that the biggest benefit of body work is a beautiful feeling of "returning" to my own body, thanks to which I can not only enjoy the touch more, but also experience everything that is happening around me in a more real way."

Connecting to my body has opened me a way to access many other areas of life that became much more meaningful to me. Now I know better what I want and what I do not, and that makes me go my own way and enjoy my life more.

I would like to share my experience that everyone has access to understanding their own bodies and that everyone can discover it. Even if at the beginning this "door" opens only for a moment, we already know that there is something behind it and we have the opportunity to continue working on ourselves.

What do clients say about Monika:

Mustering up the courage to embark on vaginal mapping is one of the hardest, but also the best decisions you can make in life. And if you are hesitating with whom to go on your journey to yourself, do not hesitate to contact Monika, who will guide you through all the nooks and crannies of your inner self with her gentleness, kindness and tender care and help you become the woman you actually are inside for a long time. The feeling of complete safety and trust that Monika can create during the session helped me to deal with even the most painful memories, and the peace I have felt inside me since then is indescribable and I wish all women to experience it, at least for a while. Moni, thank you again!
Kristina K. (Vaginal mapping)
Thank you for your care, gentle touch and the overall atmosphere of our meeting. After the massage with you, I had a beautiful energy, which I managed to use today in my creations. Normally, at this stage of the cycle, things "stop making sense" to me and everything becomes veiled, but now I have a feeling of great clarity and motivation to create... Thank you for you.
Dear Monika, thank you very much for a beautiful massage. It was a deep experience for us, we enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much for your approach, we both felt safe. Greetings to both of us.
Jana and Pavel

My education and training courses:

  • CORE TOUCH® I: Škola celostní smyslné masáže – 10 denní výcvik (Denisa Říha Palečková a Richard Vojík)
  • Asistence na 10 denním transformačním výcviku CORE TOUCH® I: Škola celostní smyslné masáže (Denisa Říha Palečková a Richard Vojík)
  • Asistence na kurzu VAGINÁLNÍ MAPOVÁNÍ: Potěšení a léčení (Denisa Říha Palečková)
  • Přepis limbického otisku - účast a asistence
  • Open Your Heart (Denisa Říha Palečková)

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