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“Sexual energy is a life force that awakens freedom in life and develops our potential. Our body has been given to us and we have the opportunity to fulfill it with joy. We have the opportunity to be fond of our body, ourselves, our lives, to build a feeling of togetherness and harmony within ourselves.”

Sára about the massage:

I have been working on myself for the ninth year, I have tried and tested various techniques used to get to know oneself: holotropic breathing, voice, Feldenkrais method, family constellations, regression, journey, kinesiology, psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic training.

They all are relevant, but to me experiencing the art of conscious touch on myself became one of the turning points in my life. The feeling of absolute freedom and self-acceptance has become a miracle for me. Once you experience this, you embark on a journey with a much clearer compass of life within yourself.

Thanks!!!!! massage from Sara was really great.. I loved each and every minute of the session... She was so passionate and professional... I would definitely suggest arkaya to my friends

What do clients say about Sára:

My dearest! I would like to share my wonderful experience with you and also thank Sára and Míra for their wonderful care. I began to feel a change in my life with the Happy Womanhood course by Denisa – a change in my behavior, in relationships with those around me and in awareness of my wonderful womanhood. In combination with a new work challenges, it all felt right. As a reward, I decided to have my first Art of Touch massage and it was Sara who took care of me. For the first time in my life I experienced a loving touch massage that made me get out of my consciousness and got into a unique state of mind and safety. It was like visiting the kingdom of heaven - warm welcome, warmth, scents, candles, relaxing music. After the initial conversation, I devoted myself to her and as soon as she stroked my hair, my body began to melt in bliss. The upcoming touches with her fingertips and whole palms transferred me to another world and made me leave everything unnecessary behind. Afterwards, I was laying still for a long time, filled with joy, exaltation, new energy, excitement for a new beginning, incredibly relaxed and light. As we said goodbye with a wonderful soft hug, I was already looking forward to the next visit. During subsequent visits, I entrusted myself to the care of Míra, who awakened the long-dormant she-wolf in me. In our initial conversation, we supported my desire to allow myself to be more of a woman for a strong man. And then I concentrated on my breath, let my voice resound as I exhaled, and at the same time I allowed myself to be cared for by soft and firm touches, until my head separated from my body completely. Míra supplemented his massage with encouraging words, literally starting the internal cleansing of my body and the awakening of my true self... It was an incredible feeling as if I didn't know my body, how it was able to surrender to energetic marches and suddenly I was on all fours and felt like a she-wolf that was going off to the world leaving everything useless behind. Wow! I experienced the awakening of a new strength inside me, a tremendous supply of energy and the connection of the whole body into one radiant unit! After the massage I felt wonderfully relaxed, blissful and radiant. The song Wonderful tonight was playing in one corner of the room and that's how I felt and remained for the next few days. My eyes light up, my smile doesn't fade, as if it won't "turn off". It naturally makes me smile because I am happy within myself and with myself. Whenever I remember the course of the massage and our conversations, I feel warm and safe. Even on rainy days, I feel beautiful, I am shining with my whole body, not just with my eyes and smile, and I am feeling like myself. This incredibly wonderful feeling was reflected in all the events of the following days, and I warmly recommend it to all women. With warm greetings to everyone in Arkaya,

My education and training courses:

  • CORE TOUCH® I: Professional Training „Holistic Sensual Massage School“ – European Academy of Somatic Education EASE (Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík)
  • Sports Massage (Jitka Nagyová, Dis.)

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