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“Through conscious touch, I want to show people new, deeper experiences so that they can maximally relax and be happier.”

Majka about the massage:

During my first encounter with tantric massage, I was curious and full of expectations. I was lucky to have a great guide for my first massage. I experienced wonderful moments of magical, conscious and infinitely slow yet gentle touch that evoked such strong emotions in myself that I had tears in my eyes. It was the most amazing massage I had experienced so far and I loved it immediately. I wanted to experience this magic further.

I am perceptive and caring. I will adapt the massage to your individual needs. I claim that it is never too late to start healing yourself by working with your own body and enjoying wonderful and unforgettable moments. I will also be happy to contribute in healing your relationships.

In this wonderful and fulfilling job, I enjoy the 2 and 3 hour massages the most, during which men and women melt under my loving touch. I just love it.

There is nothing better than seeing how much relevance my work has and how it helps others.

My fulfillment and joy are helping others also in terms of self-development, moving quickly forward in life goals and being in harmony with themselves. I connect everything with a passion for a healthy lifestyle and a passion for dancing, travelling and cats.

From the bottom of my heart,

What do clients say about Majka:

... An incredibly great massage, tailor-made, full of well-being, relaxation, spirituality and physical relaxation. It was an indescribable, fantastic and wonderful experience! After this massage one really feels rested, relaxed and full of energy. I can only speak in superlatives. I highly recommend it to everyone...
... I went through several types of massages with Majka. You are relaxing by her touch, whether you want to or not. You dissolve, melt away, wonderfully disconnect from the head and you are entering your body. This wonderful energy then spills over and charges every cell of yours until it tingles...
... For many years I gave love and care to everyone around me and quite often forgot about myself. There have always been great heaps of duties and to-do lists. Going for a massage was almost unimaginable for me. Today I can not only treat myself to it, but also, I am able to enjoy it. I am allowing for it in my life and I am extremely grateful for that. I experienced two hours of complete relaxation with Majka. Her hands and energy brought me to complete peace. I just allowed myself to switch off and to just be. Everything came at the right moment. ...

My education and training courses:

  • social-psychological training focused on self-knowledge, therapeutic intervention, psycho hygiene, burnout syndrome, emotional patterns and group management in Stráž pod Ralskem

  • retraining course for coaches at the NeuroLeadership Institute in Prague

  • retraining course in sports massage at the School of Massage and Beauty in Ořech

  • CORE TOUCH® - 10-day professional training (European Academy of Somatic Education EASE - Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík)

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