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Enjoy a nourishing massage of your breasts.
Discover love and joy in your heart again.

“The breast area is so important for us women. In many situations during our life, we have learned to close our heart. As our heart is closing, and our life energy, love, emotions and desire to love are closing, too.  

Fortunately, it is possible to open up it again through a loving touch. To restore the flow of energy in the whole body. To experience fulfilment, love and desire to make love again. Even more, the woman brightens, blooms and shines; she is very attractive after the massage.”

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® 

Choose your massage:

60 minutes

CZK 2,380 / €110

90 minutes

CZK 2,980 / €135

120 minutes

CZK 3,980 / €180

The massage includes massage of the head, neck, upper part of the back, chest and breasts. It can be customised according to the woman’s wishes.

Awaken your whole body and being. Be radiant, happy and attractive!

Enjoy love in your heart!

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