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“Let´s allow our bodies to get caressed with loving and conscious touch without shame until we awaken our hearts to life!”

Simona about the massage:

“Let's get to know each other, stop, slow down and awaken the body, heart and soul using gentle touches.
Let's reconnect this holy trinity to a common dance and joy and sacred surrender.”

I have learned from my own experience that this is not always as easy ... often it is first necessary to dissolve old injuries that have caused us to remain frozen and insensitive inside our protective shells. Healing is possible only through the touch, words are not of any use here.

“Let's take as much time, love and care as our body requires.”

“Let's nourish and feed every single cell in our body until it trembles and vibrates in joy, dancing, singing, cheering and celebrating.”


I am looking forward to you
With Love,



If there is something divine, it is today’s massage with Simona. Everything else are just words, words, words.

What do clients say about Simona:

Please allow me to write a bit about last week when I called in your salon for a first time. I have entrusted myself to the hands of Mrs. Simona... and left with enthusiasm. During the journey to your address I was accompanied by some concerns.. The first tantric massage I experienced more than four years ago and I came to the conclusion that with such an experience nothing else could cope, so intense excitement it was then.. But with all nostalgia and gratitude with which I remembered my tantric premiere, Mrs. Simona managed to surpass it all this time. She covered me exactly with the tenderness for which I longed. I was very pleased with the excellence with which Simona handled appropriate techniques. Even the most minute movements made it clear to what extent she evaluates every bit of the client’s sensing. A man with no experience of Tantra would not even believe, how pleasant may be a contact of her fingers with the upper half of my ear or her care dedicated to the top of the client’s hands, where one experiences touches only very rarely. Mrs. Simona brought an immense delight to my miserable feet. As someone on a wheelchair I have rather significant circulatory disorders in the bones of the legs, calves and tarsus and it rarely happens to me, that I would feel anything on my feet, let alone something so sweet. At the peak stage of the massage by an awesome power achieved through the excitement I have even released (to my own surprise) loud noises, all despite my shyness and standard excessive barriers. Shortly before the end, it was very hard not to shout as some native inhabitant from uncharted parts of the world .. More than once I was overwhelmed by belief that in a few seconds I will pass away or that I have passed away long ago and I am finding myself somewhere in another life... even the atmosphere did not show any errors. From beginning to the very end I enjoyed feeling full of deep mutual respect, amazing intimacy and true comfort. If I spoke to Mrs Simona, she communicated with willingness, friendliness, but also refinement, knowledge and clarity. And in reality she is even lovelier than on the photos.
Hallo, yesterday’s massage was really wonderful and allow me to express my thanks. The whole rest of the day I felt flooded with a sense of euphoria (almost too much). All other things I wanted to do that day had to be postponed - the body enforced the necessary relax. Thanks again and I look forward to the time I come back to you again.
Hallo, few days ago I had a massage at your place and I promised Mrs. Simona, to I write again a few lines about how I liked it... I hope she will enjoy my words of praise as much as she made me happy... And how did I like it? I visited the third time Tantra Spa and each time I had chosen two-hour luxury massage. When I was there the first time, I was blown away and uplifted. I expected a lot, but not as much as I received. And I mean it on both levels - physic as well as mental one. The first massage I had from Ivet - her evaluation I already sent. Second and third time I had the honour to be with Mrs. Simona and although I was initially concerned that the first massage, during which I was almost speechless over the indescribable pleasure, may never be overridden, I was wrong. Mrs. Simona is indeed a person in the right place and her warm and above all open-hearted approach is a fundamental building point of the whole tantric massage ritual. Because only when you are totally relaxed and resign to the person from whom you receive the massage, you have the opportunity to experience something that is difficult to express in words or letters. There is no need to write about the fact that her technique is perfect and lady Simona has it within her fingertips. In such a luxurious environment it is certainly an anticipated matter of course. But during the ceremony the human factor is important more than anything else – the intuition, which enables the masseuse to connect with you mentally and knows how to touch you exactly where you need it at the moment. As if you were connected and she did exactly what in that second, in that magical moment, you think of. And that is exactly what Mrs. Simona handles in a perfect way and that it is exactly one of those essential things that enables you to experience something special, something you’ll never forget. Also thanks to her I now perceive my sexuality in a completely different way... and above all better. I know there might also be something more. I know that gentle touch of the fingers on your hand or earlobe may be more exciting than anything else. Thanks to Simona I had a sexual experience in a much more colourful form than I used to know it in the past and I tasted delights previously unknown to me. After the massage I was enthused by an overwhelming flood of euphoria and feelings that one has to experience on his own, as it cannot be described. My body and mind seem now as if they were completely liberated from everything. Thanks to Simona for an exceptional experience... I’m already looking forward to our next meeting. PS: a special commendation for an environment that is perfect and also the fact that Simona has remembered me although I was with her just once before, about five months ago. This makes one very happy. Sincerely, Your satisfied customer
I would like to thank Simona, with whom I was on my second visit in Tantraspa and again I was pleasantly surprised. Simona has induced a wonderful, very friendly atmosphere, explained to me all in a nice way and spoke of all only when it was absolutely necessary and needed. I felt literally spoiled.
Hello! I had a 2 hour massage with Simona and it was just wonderful. She really understands energy and the human body. She made me feel very comfortable, and explained things without any hesitation. Her touch is wonderful and she really knows where and how to touch, depending on your reactions. A lovely massage and I'd really recommend her to anybody! Thanks a lot!
I wish to thank Simona again for such a wonderful massage. I felt this time more relaxed in her company and so the experience was even more intense. Such a sensual woman. Next time 2 hours as discussed Simona! 🙂 Thanks again
Thanks Simona! That was a truly wonderful experience. I think I was transported to another place and it was damn good. 🙂

My education and training courses:

  • Masseur for sports and reconditioning massages (INPROV Brno)
  • Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi (Dexter Academy)
  • Professional training "School of Holistic Sensual Massage" (EASE, Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík)
  • Vaginal mapping (EASE)
  • Treatment of scars (EASE)
  • Sacred body passionate spirit, 1 year training (John Hawken)

Další semináře a workshopy:

  • Dark Eros (John Hawken)
  • Body, soul and heart (Alain Lowen)
  • Energetic orgasm (Andrew Barnes)
  • Tantric dearmouring (Andrew Barnes)

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