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“It is not important who we are, but how we live with it. I will be happy to support you to live the best possible way with who you are, both physically and mentally.”

Jani about the massage:

For me, massages offer great opportunity for having wonderful meetings between people in an intimate and safe space, where even miracles can happen. While I am performing a massage, I immerse myself in meditation and let myself be guided by the presence and energy of your body and I also experience wonderful moments together with you.

I started to work with the body after an about ten-year journey though tantric courses. I started visiting the courses because I needed to learn to recognize and respect my boundaries. On this journey, I found out about the greatness and pleasure that we can experience when we are in harmony with our body and our boundaries, because this is the only way to fully relax and thus get the most of the experience and feeling things that we have never experienced before.

Thanks to this, I am now able to understand why we are sometimes not able to being completely authentic in our wishes and needs, what blocks us from relaxation and thus the full experience, and I can pass it on. While meeting people, I deal a lot with creating a safe space, where less is often more.

I love situations like seeing a man who experienced his first energetic orgasm and just shaking his head in disbelief, wondering how he could feel something so intense in his whole body and how unlike it is to the experience he is used to.

I consider sexual energy to be our life energy, which is why I find it very meaningful and I also find it pleasant that I can learn to spread it not only throughout the body, but also throughout whole life.

What do clients say about Jani:

My education and training courses:

  • Vaginal mapping, Richard Vojík a Denisa Palečková

  • 10-day professional training “School of Holistic Sensual Massage”, EASE, Richard Vojík and Denisa Palečková

  • Body, heart and soul ... Alan Lowen ...two-year Tantra training

  • De-Armouring ... Andrew Barnes ... trainings focusing on releasing emotional and other blockages from our body

  • Energetic orgasms ... Andrew Barnes ... courses focused on awakening and perception of the energetic body 

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