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30-hour individual course

Transform the way you experience your life

Conscious and sensitive work with the body, touch and intimacy is one of the most powerful tools for developing personal strength, joy of life, feeling your own life path and the possibilities that you have in life.

Our bodies are our homes.
That is the basis from which we proceed.

To a significant extent, our bodies determine:

  • how we feel,
  • the kinds of relationships we establish,
  • how we experience intimacy with our partners and how able we are to open ourselves to love,
  • and the extent of our creativity and the level of our life energy, tension and relaxation.

Detailed course content

  • 1
    The art of touch ritual
    touch and working with human energy and its overlap, the ritual of honouring, the attitude of the giver, principles of the approach in holistic sensual massage, pressure massage with hot washcloths, stimulation of the skin’s sensitivity through soft objects and gentle touch, oil massage
  • 2
    Lesson of intimate massage for women
  • 3
    Lesson of intimate massage for men
  • 4
    For men: instruction and training of the big draw
    orgasm without ejaculation, Large Stroke technique as a tool for revitalisation and enhanced states of consciousness
  • 5
    Anal mapping
  • 6
    Vaginal mapping
    technique for increasing sensitivity and pleasure in the vagina, healing of mental and physical traumas
  • 7
    Anal massage (for men, connected with penile massage, prostate massage)
  • 8
    Magical four-hand massage – work with focus and three qualities
  • 9
    Ritual of awakening the senses
  • 10
    Theoretical part
    differences of massages, different polarities of the male and female bodies, techniques, types of touch, massage aids, relaxation and opening exercises, etc.

During the thirty hours of instruction, which will be formulated according to your needs, we will give you the main secret of holistic sensual massage.

Regular price of the 30-hour
course of instruction: CZK 70,650


Price after the 20% discount:
CZK 58,880 / €2,680


  • Audio recording of certain parts of the ten-day transformation training CORE TOUCH® I: School of Holistic Sensual Massage.
  • The Art of Touch DVD in the value of CZK 650.
  • 30% discount on a Holistic sensual massage in the duration of 90-300 minutes.
  • The price is valid for 1-2 person. There is an extra fee for each additional person.
  • Appropriate for individuals, couples and small groups.
  • For an additional fee of CZK 600, we will provide a live male or female model on whom you can practice your massage technique during the lesson.

Change the way how you perceive your life.

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Our client’s experience:

 “The course pushed both of us forward unbelievably and we want to develop and expand on that. Each for ourselves and for both of us.”

Lucka a Kuba