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„My task is to create a safe environment and framework for you to go at your own pace where you need it - whether it is the first, the second or the third level. I will be happy to be your guide on this journey.“

Peter about the massage:

In my perception of the massage, three different levels interact. From the most traditional point of view, massage is a great option for relaxation. Coming to a beautiful setting, you can relax completely, let your mind and body rest and relax through the harmony of touches, scents and nice music. On the next level, we can already see the massage as a personal development path. It is an opportunity for exploring your body, mind and sexuality. You have the opportunity to open up to new experiences and discover the unprecedented. It is up to you if you enter into another dimension of learning - that of body learning and its wisdom, and allow your body to develop its own intelligence. In the next level, massage is a means of healing. In a secure environment, it is possible to touch old wounds and become free of the grip of stereotypes. Allow yourself to experience, for example, the emotions you have been afraid of, let go of what worries or limits you.

„My task is to create a safe environment and framework for you to go at your own pace where you need it - whether it is the first, the second or the third level. I will be happy to be your guide on this journey.

What do clients say about Peter:

Hello, I had the opportunity to experience a tantric massage led by Peter - this way I would like to thank him very much for it, for his amazingly sensitive and professional approach to the client, and for feeling that he is working with his whole heart, wishing to help through his touch. The experience and self-knowledge that I gained from our meeting still makes me smile, even after 14 days, and again and again lets me realize how nice it is to feel my body through a conscious, heart-driven touch. Thank you, Petr. 🙂
Hello. Thanks for yesterday's wonderful morning: Stáňa and Peter were both amazing. Yesterday evening and this morning me and my wife "practiced" the lessons learned from you. I feel that our making love has shifted to a "higher level". Have a nice day.
Jirka a Lenka
I would like to thank Peter for his massages. His hands and his sensitive touch are like from a different world, from a world where men can touch. The series of massages that I had gone through with him brought me closer to my body, to the experience of freedom, and generally closer to myself. I strongly recommend this to all those, who are looking for something. For anything. With Petr those will find the first step and an open heart.

My education and training courses:

On the field of body work:

  • School of Holistic Tantra Massage by Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík
  • Kashmir Tantric Massage - Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Essence)
  • Taoist erotic massage - Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita (Tantra Essence)
  • Chinese back and neck massage (Petr Lacina)
  • Breuss massage (Dexter Academy)
  • Vaginal mapping (EASE)
  • Reiki I.
  • Relaxing rituals (Sothys Paris)
  • and other massage techniques in tantric trainings

Other courses and trainings influencing my work:

  • Individual Systemics Training (Institute of Individual Systemics - Artho Wittemann and Veet Wittemann)
  • Individual constellation work (Marcela Krčálová)
  • Training in spiritual constellation work and life counselling (Eurasys - European Academy of Systemic and Family Constellations - Wilfried Nelles)
  • Tantric training Body, Heart and Soul – (Art of Being – Alan Lowen)
  • Tantric training for couples Soulmate training – (Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita – Tantra Essence)
  • Tantric seminars (John Hawken)
  • Biodanza - Life Dance courses (Aneta Končulová)

And many other inspirational meetings and workshops (Santoshi and Niten, Suta Rawson, Jan Bily, Mike Niraj Skillbeck, Guy Barrington, London Faerie ...)

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