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"The body is our best advisor. He is with us from the beginning to the end. And he is always on our side. And whatever the reason we've lost touch with it, it's great to be able to reconnect with it in a short period of time and regain a source of joy and connection with ourselves."

Patricia about the massage:

It has been many years since I embarked on the path to greater satisfaction and ease. I have gone through many self-development approaches and all of them have enriched me in their own way. However, conscious touch and authentic contact with my own body were the driving force in my experience of myself and in opening up to passion and joy. Ever since I discovered that the journey of discovery doesn't have to be painful and lengthy, but can be fun, nourishing and very present, I have a huge desire to share and pass on this experience.

I see touching and working with sexual energy through massages as great tools to meet my yes and no. To allow yourself to be and feel at any given moment just what comes from within. The safe space that I create for you during my massages is a great opportunity to be yourself here and now with all the sensations and feelings that the massage will bring. It is a space to see and accept your power that comes through your body. The massages themselves helped me discover the value of my personal gift, which is high sensitivity. Yes, what I used to try to hide is now my main asset, which I use when working with touch. My perceptiveness and sensitivity allow me to awaken yours.

"I believe that we are born with all our senses to enjoy the world around us through them. Not to suffer through them."

It will be my pleasure to accompany you to the source of your pleasure and vitality.

What do clients say about Patricia:

For me, Patricia is the embodiment of peace and security. I had several mapping sessions with her and all of them were very sensitively guided and completely connected to my needs. A sense of security and trust was key for me and allowed me to relax. Thank you for the essence you bring to your work. It's unique.
I had two massages with Patricia and each time it was an amazing experience. Her self-confident playfulness gave me a feeling of complete safety during the massage. I could completely turn off my thoughts and enjoy touch to the fullest. I could see that she enjoyed massaging, which made my experience even deeper. I'm definitely looking forward to the next massage. Thank you very much.
I've known Patricia for a long time. She is a great woman who carries amazing qualities that she knows how to fully use when working with people. Her touch is relaxing, bringing peace and security. The atmosphere they can create is very pleasant. Thank you and I look forward to the next meeting.
I went to Patricia for scar tissue healing of a caesarean section scar 11 years after the surgery. I took care of the scar and it looked nice from the outside. During the therapy, however, we got to deeper tissues that were very painful. After two meetings, the pain was almost gone. Thanks to a very sensitive conversation, I was able to give myself acceptance – to my scar, and by extension to my whole body. That she's okay exactly as she is and that the scar is a part of me. I experienced a great transformation when I felt great gratitude and love for my scar.
Patricia's massage surprised me with its lightness and great combination of alternating gentleness and pressure – a form of playfulness that opened me to an intense experience. My body's reaction to specific touches brought me a whole new sense of self and led me deep into very pleasurable bodily sensations. Thank you for this experience. Today's massage from Patricia was definitely my first of many.

My education and training courses:

  • CORE TOUCH® I: School of Holistic Sensual Massage – 10-day training (Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík)

  • Constellation Training – Markmaya Academy

  • EFT (emotional freedom techniques) - Z. Katayama Institute of Energy Psychology

  • Quantum Healing Practitioner - Z. Katayama Institute of Energy Psychology

  • Facilitation of OSHO meditations – OSHO information Centre

Current trainings:

  • Biodynamic massages and touch work – one-year training - Honza Nejedlý
  • CORE TOUCH® II: School of Holistic Sensual Massage – (Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík)

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