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„My vision is to share joy. Joy from life, a unique moment, relaxation. I believe the clients come to me thanks to the desire for this sharing.“

Lada about the massage:

I am a passionate woman who loves life, closeness and mutual interconnection of feelings, emotions and touch. I try to understand with no words. I love to discover beauty in people, harmony and their uniqueness. My vision is to share joy. Joy from life, a unique moment, relaxation. I believe the clients come to me thanks to the desire for this sharing. 

Life is a game so start playing! 🙂

I am looking forward to meeting you.

What do clients say about Lada:

Hello, I would like to thank you Lada for an introduction into the tantra world. 🙂 Before my first experience, I was quite nervous but your premises and the talk with Lada really calmed me down before the massage. I enjoyed it from the first moment and experience all new things, which appeared. Lada was very nice and sensitive and I gave myself to her pleasant touch. I really enjoyed it and I was leaving as a new person. I can truly recommend Lada and I will certainly come again in the future.
Martin S.
Hello, I went for a massage to you and I was very satisfied! The rooms are beautiful and the masseuse Lada gave me an excellent care. I will certainly come back to you and this masseuse again. Thank you very much.
Hello, I would like to thank for the Friday massage by Lada and send her a message. It took me long time to think what to write because it was and intensive and unforgettable experience, which energizes me even now. Never in the past was the impact of a tantric massage so effective and lasting like now. Thank you. I know that I will come again and we can discuss my feelings in more detail. Thank you again and have a nice day.
Hello to the Tantra Spa team, I was at a massage with my wife Ivana at the end of May to enjoy a voucher for a couple tantra massage and we were leaving as if totally new people. I would like to thank Lada again for a beautiful meeting with pure soul, for her genuineness and commitment – I keep that feeling for a very long time and I hope that it will never disappear. I will be happy to come again:o) Thank you again, Lada!
Hello, I had a short 90-minute massage in your beautiful spa. The universe wanted Lada to be my guide. Although I came with a specific wish about what I need, after the initial talk with Lada I was taken aback by her energy and I knew that I have to follow her and left the massage to her intuition. It was the best decision I could have made. The massage was a transformational experience. I felt as if wishes of my unconsciousness were fulfilled in miliseconds and my whole being was pampered in a way unknown until now. I came in a difficult state but I was leaving full of energy, in good mood and full of strength. I send a sincere THANK YOU to Lada and with humbleness and devotion, I pay homage to her amazing abilities! It was an experience on the borders of reality, which I will remember for a long time. Deep out of my heart I thank you Lada!
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I had my first massage with Lada yesterday and I was very very satisfied. I felt great after the massage, but that probably does not surprise you :-). What was surprising for me was how naturally I felt during the massage with a woman who I do not know at all. And I think that is enough at the beginning :-). You can probably imagine what a change that is for quite a shy man. I take it as a first lesson and I am looking forward to the others… I will contact you soon to book another appointment but I also know now, that 2 hours are really necessary :-). Thank you and have a nice day, Lada.
Dear Lada, through tantra I opened a gate to another world, which I will never close. You showed me with your sensibility and touch, how strong can be experiencing pleasure. I admire you and send you a big thank you for what you taught me and for a very beautiful sensual experience. I am looking forward to another appointment.
Hello Lada, thank you for our meeting on Sunday. I did not expect to get so far during a first meeting and that I can actually get any further in my case. You asked me to give you my feedback after the ritual. There was no unusual reaction (except being tired) on Sunday but on Monday I was very tired (as if doing exercises) and in the evening I felt sad. I have a difficult time, 2018 was very negative for me and my relationships, so maybe my moodiness has its cause there. Thank you for your support in my weak moment, I did not know how much I needed it. I have a lot to think about 🙂 And a lot to work on. I wish you merry Christmas and great start of 2019. Once again thank you for very interesting experience. I am looking forward to our next meeting in January!
Petra Cabadajová
... At the end let me go back in time to thank you for your great care, for your touch, above all for touching my heart. I cannot find words strong enough to express how the time spent with you was healing me. When I came to my first massage, I was empty. I knew that if I don´t do anything, autumn will come. Sometimes I experience autumn all year round. Bleak, depressive, dark. Never ending days and months when you would rather not exist. And because I experience lot of autumns like this in my life, I knew how painful it is not only for me, but also for people around me. That is why I decided that another one is not coming. That is not so surprising, I made many decisions like this before. But this time I told myself I will not be alone in this. You know how this story ends and that is why I want to say thank you again. Thank you for your love you can flood me with, for your tenderness you pamper me with. Thank you for your passion, which you give in just right quantities I can take. Thank you for your closeness and for the gift of knowing, that when I am with you, I am not alone. Thank you.
Hello, I would like to thank you and Lada very very very much for the great experience, which I still feel days after the Royal massage. Although it was my first experience with tantric massage, thanks to Lada I was very relaxed, let prejudices go and submit into her powers. The energy, which emanated from Lada is difficult to describe. It kind of fulfills the whole space and I really felt the beautiful “here and now” moment. Few days after the massage, when I am writing this feedback, I still feel the inner harmony and strength. It is as if the “law of attraction” works faster now. Everything goes smoothly and quickly. I am looking forward to our next meeting Lada and I wish you and the whole team merry Christmas full of positive energy, satisfaction and love.
František Šefl
My vision is to share joy. Joy from life, a unique moment, relaxation. I believe the clients come to me thanks to the desire for this sharing.

My education and training courses:

  • 2013 Requalification Massage Course
  • 2013 Lava Stones Massage
  • 2013 Professional Course of Tantra Massages
  • 2014 Massage in Pregnancy
  • 2015 1 year training Therapeutic work with touch
  • 2015 The Art of Touch, Joni and Lingam (Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková, Ing. Richard Vojík)
  • 2018 1 year training Traumatreatment

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