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“For me the most important thing in my work is to create to the clients a safe and affectionate surrounding for opening, sharing and full embracement in their uniqueness and integrity.”

Jan about the massage:

As my beloved wife bought me the first tantric massage as a birthday present a while ago, she might not even know how deeply it will affect and change our lives. Literally on my own skin I experienced how healing and transforming a conscious loving touch can be. Since then, we have come a long journey of learning, exploring and training together, and that is why now I have the honor and opportunity to forward the gift of conscious touch to those who desire joy, acceptance, pleasure, and healing.

“Above all, I have an ability to listen, perceive and adapt the touch to the actual needs of every person, and therefore my massages and other work with body and sexuality are always unique and respectful of individual boundaries and desires.”

I strive to pass on my experiences to couples and men who want to improve their relationship and bring more harmony or intimacy into it. My passion is to help women find and awaken their natural wisdom and sensuality. 

„Holistic sensual massage and other techniques, such as de-armouring, vaginal mapping or scar healing, are great and effective help on the way back to yourself, to your body and soul. I'd love to be your guide.

What do clients say about Jan:

Thanks to Jan I have experienced my first tantric massage and it was very nice and intensive experience I recommend to all. Massage lasted 3 hours which first seemed like a very long time, but it had passed really quickly. Lookin back I am glad I did not pick shorter possibility. During the massage my body slowed down nicely and eased. I just finished first trimester of pregnancy, so massage was positive not only for me but also for the baby, plus it helped me with some of my pregnancy problems such as back pain. I rate the massage very positively and thank you very much for being able to experience it. The only "negative" of the whole experience is that once you experience something so amazing, you will probably want to go back to another tasting.
Tereza (sensual holistic massage)
Jan, I want to thank you again for your great work. Your energy massage was unique. When I went to see you, I was tired of fasting for already the fourth day and my eyes were drooping so much that I was afraid I would fall asleep on your table. I also remember that I told you I wasn't sensitive to energies, and I was afraid I wouldn't feel anything. You did calm me down perfectly so that I could fully surrender to your hands. Not only did I feel the energy from your hands, but they have also been able to completely relax, regenerate and charge me up. After the massage, I could easily lead the seminar I had planned. During the massage I felt totally present and it was two hours of pure delight and pleasure. I also want to mention that I feel absolutely safe with you and recommend you to every woman who desires to go to a male masseur.
Renee (energy massage)
I went for the massage to Jan without any expectations. During the introductory conversation a topic that I would like to address came up to my attention. I felt well in the therapy, and I knew I was in good hands and I could dedicate myself to the whole process. Jan very sensitively and gently guided me through those points of my body, where some misery, defense, or trouble could be seated. Together we were breathing through these barriers, and I could feel an instant change on my body, it miraculously relaxed and relieved pain beneath Jan's hands. The whole process was gentle, fluent, with confidence. After the therapy, I felt very refreshed, the body seemed to float - I felt like under the influence of some drugs, I actually really felt that kind of euphoria. And above all, I felt a great gratitude that the negative emotions had been washed away, for the healing power of the whole process. I was full of gratitude.
Martina (de-armouring)
Dear Jan, when I went to you for a massage, I was quite exhausted, tired and in some inner tension. But you relieved me so much that all of these symptoms disappeared, as if a hundred-pound weight had fallen off me. The one who most appreciated this was my boyfriend: I was so relaxed during making love that I had one ejaculation after another, soaked everything around us and I got the nickname “syringe”. He didn't understand where it came from, but I knew it was thanks to the deep relaxation. I certainly would like to continue using your services, because this method affects really deep traumata that our mind can hardly cope with. Once again, thank you very much and I look forward to the next meeting.
Luba (de-armouring)
I warmly recommend you Jan as a masseur. I had the opportunity to receive a massage during the most intimate time of my menstrual cycle. Jan can be nicely attached through his touch and he can sensitively perceive and respond to the intensity of what you experience. He finds the right dynamics of the massage and he is present and conscious. Receiving a massage from this man was one of my most beautiful experiences.
Marie (sensual holistic massage)
…Jan was very sensitive and attentive, he allowed my body to open up slowly and cross over or walk through all what prevented me from experiencing unrecognized states of possible pleasure, until orgasm. With gradual vibration damping, Jan was still with me, he touched me, stroked me and at the end he helped me to earth. My feelings of relaxation and freedom flooded. Amazing feeling. Thank you. With respect,
Jitka (Sensual holistic massage)
Your work is great. Even though I could not relax enough, I felt your support. I felt good you did not press me to do something differently, quickly or better. Once again, thank you for the work you are doing. I perceived how much I needed this! And certainly not only me ...
Martina (Vaginal mapping)
First time I encountered mapping was on a 10-day course of Denisa and Richard. Jan was the first man to gain my trust with his gentle and loving attitude during the course - so important for a woman in this intimate healing contact. During the mapping, he was fully present and attentive. He helped me dissolve a heap of suppressed wounds and pains. With great thanks and respect,
Anička (Vaginal mapping)

My education and training courses:

  • Somatic Sexology, Somatic Sex Educator - professional training (Savitas - academy of somatic sexology, Jista, CSB) 

  • Core Touch – intensive professional training (European academy of somatic education – EASE, Denisa Palečková a Richard Vojík)

  • Certified training of de-armouring pelvic floor (Savitas – academy of somatic sexology)

  • 10 days intensive professional training “School of holistic sensual massage” (European academy of somatic education – EASE, Denisa Palečková a Richard Vojík)

  • Repeated assistance in 10 Day Transformation Training of “School of Holistic Sensual Massage” (European academy of somatic education – EASE, Denisa Palečková a Richard Vojík)

  • Scars treatment (European academy of somatic education – EASE, Denisa Palečková a Richard Vojík)

  • Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui (Mahalo centrum)

  • Computer Kinesiology (Jona centrum)

  • Craniosacral osteopathy (Radek Neškrabal, BCST, probíhá)

  • Courses for couples (assistance/ Denisa & Richard)

  • Masseur for sport and reconditioning massages (Dexter Academy)

  • Další: Bamboo massage, Indian head massage (Dexter Academy), Tantra, celebration of the connection (John Hawken), Reiki I and II st. (J. Riegrová), One Brain method

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