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ARKAYA® Prague

 the founder of holistic sensual massage in Prague


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Why should you visit our ARKAYA® Prague centre?

We have been here for you for 12 years.

We have a long tradition. WE ARE THE FIRST MASSAGE STUDIO of this kind in the Czech Republic (established in 2007 under the name Tantra Spa).

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Client satisfaction

Our services have been used by more than ten thousand satisfied clients.

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Pioneering work with the body and intimacy

We have been the primary representatives of working with the body and intimacy in the Czech Republic since 2002.

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Certified masseuses and masseurs

At our centre, you will encounter only certified masseuses and masseurs – the best of those who have completed our CORE TOUCH® training (previously known as the School of Holistic Sensual Massage).

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Pleasant environment

We have prepared for you a beautiful environment in which you will be able to immerse yourself in your body and fully experience your senses.

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Results that will exceed your expectations

The methods that we use have rapid and miraculous results because they work directly with the body.

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Feel love, joy and pleasure in every cell of your body. Visit our ARKAYA® Prague massage and educational centre  in Vinohrady, Prague 3“  

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® Prague

Mgr. Denisa Říha Palečková

Denisa is an lecturer and speaker from the Czech Republic who brings a totally new view of intimacy and methods for using this area of life for health, happiness, relationships and personal growth. Since 2002, through her courses, talks, articles and videos, she has helped many thousands of people find their way to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

She teaches couples how to have a loving and passionate relationship. Denisa is the founder of The School of Happy Relationships, the ARKAYA® massage and educational centre and CORE TOUCH® training for laypeople and professionals. In her Women’s Workshops, she supports women in their efforts to awaken love inside themselves and live a happy and harmonious life, while feeling joy and pleasure in their bodies.

„It was intimate, beautiful and surprisingly natural.“


"Holistic Sensual Massage is a wonderful way to better and more deeply understand your own body. It is an amazing tool that gives you an opportunity to fully recognise the power of your sexuality and the intensity of pleasure and joy that you can experience in your body and life." 

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® Prague