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Have you ever been harmed or abused by a man?
Do you still carry the pain within yourself?
Does it make it impossible for you to open up and feel love, joy and passion in your relationship or to find a partner?

Heal it!

Thanks to our “Heal Your Relationship to Men” programme, dozens of women at our ARKAYA® Prague studio have already succeeded in doing just that.

Now we are offering this nurturing and transformative massage for an introductory price!

Rewrite your hurtful experiences with men and replace them with an experience that is nurturing and respectful.

Experience the interplay of masculine and feminine energy and loving cooperation between a man and a woman.

Denisa Říha Palečková

Founder of ARKAYA® Prague

“Perhaps you have been burned many times. Maybe you have been hurt by what happened between you and a man. You may have been harmed by a past partner or partners. Set out on the path to healing your relationship to men.

Thanks to working with the body and our experienced therapists, it is possible with just a few visits to our studio.” 

Denisa Říha Palečková (founder of ARKAYA® Prague)

Heal your relationship to men

 with the new four-hand healing massage for women, which is performed by a couple – a man and a woman.

A massage performed by a couple with their combined masculine and feminine energy creates a nurturing framework of loving care and a sense of security that will be deeply embedded in your body, thanks to which you can:

  • more confidently open yourself up to a relationship with a new man
  • or overcome the standoffishness in your current relationship.

This involves a three-hour massage with two very experienced massage therapists who have years of professional experience, working on themselves and assisting in our trainings.

The massage is appropriate for all women who have experienced a painful situation in connection with a man (partner, father) in adulthood or childhood, which resulted in a certain distrust of and/or anger toward men.

Our HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO MEN massage programme will help you:

  • rewrite painful experiences from the past,
  • experience the presence of a man and his touch in a healing and supporting way,
  • feel loving care without the “necessity” of giving something in return,
  • and have the missing experience of the nurturing, enriching and strengthening interplay between a man and a woman.

What is the secret of this programme’s success?

  • Over the course of a few sessions, you will be pampered, caressed and massaged by a couple – a man and a woman at the same time.
  • By a man and a woman who have between them love, support and trust, which they are able to share with others.
  • In addition to that, they have many years of experience in working with the body, as well as with healing trauma.
  • Your reactions to the presence of a man and his energy will be intertwined with the safe energy of a woman and her sensitive approach and support.
  • Your mind and body will combine both of these energies in a single experience and help you regain trust and heal your relationship to men.

Four-hand massage

180 minutes*

Usual price (two massage therapists): CZK 9,600
Special introductory price:
CZK 7,990

*includes a consultation

Choose your guide:

Petra & Roman

Stáňa & Míra

“I started to feel like I was in a new body, I came back down to Earth and I started to feel comfortable here, I feel like being a part of a life that is also for me and that I can share with others.
I can breathe freely and walk freely with a spring in my step, the feeling of having a lot of weight on my shoulders has disappeared (as if I had lost a hundred kilos) and my chest moves freely, and my hips also move a little more freely when I walk ...
My voice is clearer and stronger, coming from deep within and having a different intensity... I feel more directness in my verbal expression, I am not afraid to express myself, I can communicate ... And I can fully express myself with my body and use it to communicate ...
It is almost funny and extraordinarily ‘ordinarily’ joyful ... And this is only a fraction of everything that is happening; the stirring within me cannot be precisely described and expressed with words.”

Decide now to return life, joy and love to your body!

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