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The story of the name ARKAYA®

In 2011, I knew I had to change the name of Tantra Spa. At the beginning, it was a great name that combined the name of tantra with the concept of a luxurious spa for the soul. But four years later, when many pseudo-tantra salons had flooded the Czech Republic, offering superficial erotic services, the name no longer worked. We moved to a new location and I felt it would be difficult to place a TANTRA sign on an apartment building in Vinohrady.

Then came the quest for an appropriate name. Nothing sounded good enough to me. I was also worried about the transition. Will people find us under a new name when they were used to the well-established and high-quality Tantra Spa, the first professional massage studio in its field?

In 2017, ten years after Tantra Spa was established, I was cleaning out my writings when I found a journal of yoga-teacher training that I had undergone in Los Angeles with Shiva Reou in 2007 (the year of Tantra Spa’s establishment!). Right on the first page, I found this note:

“ARKAYA = life force. In yoga, it is the position in which we draw energy from a deep bend, open the heart in the back bend and bring our hands together over our head. A great name for a massage studio!”

At that moment, my heart leaped with joy! Because I found an original name for our spa, which – only God knows why – I had forgotten. And which so PERFECTLY describes the very essence of our work!

At ARKAYA® - The Body Centre, we help women, men and couples stimulate life in their bodies and open their hearts. 

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