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„I am fascinated that through love, passion and sensitivity, through my hands, physical contact and the present consciousness I can lead a man to ecstatic states, feelings of joy and ease. Per my opinion, it is one of the most direct form of love and affection in every person's life.

Sonia about the massage:

Sensual massages allow person to feel and release what is hidden inside, allows to through away shames, fears and freely, safely and fully experience the sweetness of being. My personal experience from the feeling of freedom and ecstasy are my best guide.
I love to touch people and accompany them to the places they have never been, to look behind the mysterious walls and vibrate and dance all cells in the body.

“A holistic sensual massage will allow you to feel fulfillment, joy, ecstasy, a revitalized body and soul, as if dancing, freedom and healing.”

By cultivating sexual energy, we nourish our body and soul with felicity.

„I wish all beings to feel the freedom of being, the whole body of pleasure and the healing that a holistic intimate approach brings.“ 

With love,

What do clients say about Sonia:

I would like to share my experience with massage and mapping I enjoyed with Sonia. I have some healt problems, I fight with arthritis, as its result with onset of joint degeneration and pain I have in all major joints. As I decided to take the iniciative in the treatment to my hands, I included also healing holistic and deep massage to my plan. I also experienced anal mapping. My experience with Sonia was so distinctive I decided to write you. Sonia`s approach was totally professional and I was not afraid to surrender the experience after I got up totally reborn. My big joints were at ease, I was able to do positions as in childhood, and pains were gone! Her approach was very holistic and complex, I think during this visit a lot has loosened from my soul. If you are looking for honest, consistent and truly professional, I recommend Sonia. For sure and with joy I will come back to her as she is helping me on my way to heal myself, she is great guide and counselor on this adventure. With gratitude and respect,
Míla D.
Sonia is an interesting, extraordinary and perfectly kind woman. As experienced physiotherapist, she understands the human body really well when she carries a massage. She connects this knowledge with many practices she gained while traveling after Indian ashrams. She can beautifully make the client aware of his own body in intense connection to emotions, feelings and spirit. With Sonia, and I am quite a demanding client, I experienced great pleasure, acceptance and worshiping of my whole being. And definitively I like to go to her caregiving, kind and passionate hands at any time. Only if there was more of such Tantra priests, we would all live more at ease, happier and connected to ourself. Thanks Sonia I got to know you!
Jirka M.

My education and training courses:

  • 2018 - Core Touch II – Professional Advanced Training
  • 2017 - School of Holistic Sensual Massage 
  • 2017 - Vaginal mapping
  • 2017 - Anal mapping
  • 2017 - Scars healing
  • 2017 - Repeated assistance in Training of “School of Holistic Sensual Massage”- Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík
  • 2018 (Indie) - Výcvik instuktor jógy 200 H
  • 2013 (Belgie) - Craniosacral therapy
  • 2013 (Nepál) - REIKY I., II.
  • 2009 - Masáž pro těhotné 
  • 2008 - Hot Stone massage
  • 2008 - Indian head massage
  • 2005 - ukončena VOŠ Fyziotetapie 

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