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“Do you believe in the power of conscious touch? I do! Allow yourself a deeper connection to your body in a safe environment. Open your heart with love and respect and discover lost, forgotten or ignored treasures.”

Mirek about the massage:

My journey started with dancing. In 2012 I decided to attend Salsa and Bachata courses. There I first became aware of the magic of the present moment. I realized the deep connection created by dancing between myself and my dancing partner. I felt male and female energy and the importance of polarity between them. Through dancing I developed myself and my perception.

The fact that I am an extrovert has contributed to getting more and more interested in others, into how and why we do what we do, how and why we feel what we feel or what is hidden within us. I was successful in revealing the treasures we have deeply hidden inside us. Dancing and later improvisational theater showed me a new perspective of life. We should not be afraid to develop ourselves, seek answers and take decisions. Opportunities are all around us. I began to approach everything with an open mind and an open heart. My journey gradually took me to my inside. To the field of conscious touch and further to massages.

“Massage has become the same ritual for me as dancing. I discovered the power of conscious touch and confidence. Thanks to these we have the ability to find ourselves and to learn to use not only our head but also our heart.”

What can be found once we open our hearts?

Gradually, I found the meaning of my life and my mission: Helping myself and others to growth and happiness.

“My intention now is to pass on my love, openness and experience to others, to be a mediator between the human body and our inner essence, our soul, to discover what I have discovered in myself in every one of you - new horizons.”

Let's take the path of knowledge of body and soul.

What do clients say about Mirek:

Dear Mirek, thank you for extraordinary care, attention, sensitive approach and magical atmosphere you made for me. During the massage there was no doubt you are there with me, here and now and concentrically, you perceive and process all my movements and emotions. By responding to your touches you sensed without hesitation what I need and what I like. With you I felt safe, composure and peace radiated from you. In your deep eyes I saw unconditional love and humility. You have allowed me to experience a sense of importance, exceptionalness, and have done something that no one else before you. For all this, big thanks and respect….with love,
I would like to thank Mirek for today`s extraordinary experience. I felt very good, Mirek`s approach was sensible, as well as very professional. Thanks to this I could ease and enjoy the whole massage and again connect with my body and emotions. Thanks,
Mirek, thanks for the amazing massage. Thanks to You, I awakened my sleeping power again and passion that I did not even know about. My whole body was alive again and I could enjoy flowing energy. You helped me to dismantle some barriers and move my perception into the spaces I had previously no idea about. Thanks. I will not forget your massage.
Mirek, I still remember the massage with great gratitude, at the same time I see a huge respect for your professional attitude, and I am also starting to blush when I come back to those moments in my memory... 🙂 With you I dared to really relax, tune in for what my body desires and even overcame my fears and ask for it. And you did it for me 🙂 Maybe for the first time in my life I had the opportunity to try what it is to really throw away shame and allow myself to open my body and fill it with sparkling energy, the vital energy that stayed with me for a few more days. The feeling of total safety I experienced with you was very important to me. Letting a man come so close to me (literally, but also metaphorically - close to myself) is not easy for me at all, sometimes I can't even let my husband too close. And with you I felt really safe, literally in good hands, toasted and fully respected. In the end, I just want to say thank you very much - and I look forward to the next meeting. 😉

My education and training courses:

  • CORE TOUCH® I : Škola celostní smyslné masáže (Denisa Říha Palečková a Richard Vojík)
  • Art of Lovemaking School - Kouzlo vědomého doteku a výuka tantrické masáže (M1)
  • Škola intimního splynutí - Umění intimní masáže muže a ženy

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