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“Allow pleasure to awaken your divine self.“

Karin about the massage:

In my opinion, the holistic sensual massage means worshiping a person as a divine being, opening up to feelings, naturalness, the wisdom of the body, life and love. It is the harmonic connection between body and soul. It is a magical ritual full of tender touch, interplay of energies, blissful feelings, openness and lightness. The massage awakens our body to life. Our sensitive body and our breath are creating a bridge between our mind and our soul and we can hear its calling, because our body carries inside the complete wisdom and everything we need to know about our life.

During the massage, I will be helping you to increase the vital sexual energy that is completely natural and is an integral part of us. It has been given to us to use it to create and to feel pleasure and joy and not to be ashamed of it or to decline it. It is meant to be flowing freely within us and to demonstrate itself with lightness, playfulness and devotion in all our actions.

I will never stop wondering about how much I am learning with each and every session, not only you give, but you receive a lot too. The holistic sensual massage gives you a never ending possibility to develop and discover yourself through very natural and simple acts and the possibility to pass this experience forward. It is reminding us, that nowadays we can push the borders of nearly everything, but often we are not able to listen to our own body and soul. If you allow yourself to do it, you can experience a wonderful feeling of letting all the masks behind, masks, that we are used to be wearing in our life, so that you can gain energy for your real self.

I am passing forward these miracles of life through my opened heart and a gentle touch towards a deep feeling of relaxation, of experiencing your inside and accepting it as it is, in its sanctity. It will be my pleasure to lead you to discovering and feeling these exceptional moments.

What do clients say about Karin:

It was my biggest pleasure to being able to go through this sacred ritual with Karin. Yes, it truly was sacred, she accompanied me through it with complete sensitivity and humbleness. She started with explaining me everything, then there was the welcome, I felt a mutual connection. I continuously felt spoiled, pampered, caressed like never before in my life. Karin has created a wonderful atmosphere and a safe space for receiving her wonderful care. The way she worked with the energy of my body was utterly genial. She gradually increased it and lowered it again in a couple of wonderful waves that passed through my body and thus erased my inner power. During the last wave I felt my energetic body much bigger that the physical one, I experienced a journey through the universe beginning with the big bang all the way to my innermost being and my soul. She gently finished everything, she explained, we mutually shared our feelings about the process. The whole ritual provided me with an enormous power, it returned me back to my center and gave me back my inner male power. Even after a few days I am feeling like I am flying through life like a bird.
This pleasantly caressing massage was something completely new to me, in a positive way. There were many unexpected stimuli during the process, including the opening ritual, gentle touches with mysterious objects and materials, applying warm sponges and oil massages. All of this not only relaxes your whole body, but also your soul. The whole process is connected to self-acceptance and self-kindness. In this way it isn´t only about the mere physical pleasure. The whole process is enhanced through the harmonizing atmosphere mystically created through combining pleasant surroundings, meditation music and dimmed lights. I recommend it to you if you think a warm touch, caressing, gentleness and time devoted to your self is still important in life.
It was concentrated tenderness, kindness, freedom and playfulness. Something everybody wants to return to from time to time at least for a moment. A great thank you, with love,
I experienced great openness, sensitivity, gentleness of touch and a very deep experience of the impact of the massage from Karin. I am thankful, that despite today´s fast-paced world she helped me to allow myself for a great restart of body and soul for my future life path.

My education and training courses:

  • CORE TOUCH® I: School of Holistic Sensual Massage – 10-day professional training (Denisa Říha Palečková and Richard Vojík)

  • Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm - Andrew Barnes

  • Crazy Wisdom - Tantric Body De-armouring – Level I and II – Andrew Barnes

  • Expanding Women´s Sexuality – Andrew Barnes

  • Massage retraining course - Sports masseur – 1st school of traditional Chinese medicine

  • Tuina – Chinese healing massages – 1st school of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Acupuncture – 1st school of traditional Chinese medicine

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